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The Hid


Local Filmmaker Lands on Amazon Prime

Local filmmaker Brian Vadim (Vadimsky), Discovery ID star and the creator and host of the film series, The Ghosts of Somerville, has broken through and landed his feature suspense/horror film, THE HID, onto Amazon Prime Video platform.

Vadim is an independent low-budget filmmaker, and explains how he does it: “Story and performance make the movie, rather than special effects; plus I was blessed with a cast with superb talent who told The Hid’s tale.” Vadim, a fan of stage play and TV shows like Dark Shadows and Masterpiece Theater, has made his latest feature in similar format. Eighty percent of it was shot on a small sound stage in Somerville, NJ.

This thriller flick stars prominent actors: Deirdre Koczur of A Good Cop, Leora

Kalish of Sugar, Gideon Berger of Hell House LLC: The Carmichael Manor, Phil

Husbands of The Ghosts of Somerville, and Discovery ID star Bill Mellen, as well as long time friends and collaborators, Jimmy Whip, Linda Conrad, Rosie Frey; and Erik Renn (Renninger) of Somerville Cover also appears in and films the feature.

The Hid takes place in the town of Hidden View and is based on the tragedy of Billy Shire. Billy and his mother were murdered on their ice farm, Shire Ice. When Hidden View was flooded to create a Reservoir in 1968, Billy and his mother were buried under the Reservoir along with the town. Have their ghosts come back for revenge? The locals tell of “The Hid,” the hideous Hidden View Devil. Is this American folklore true?

Experience THE HID, brought to you by Refuse To Walk The Line, available now on Amazon Prime Video, and on other major streaming networks soon.

Other Vadim’s films for viewing include The Ghosts of Somerville: Old Dutch

Parsonage and The Ghosts of Somerville:Mrs. Micks, on Tubi TV; and the

thriller Sustainable Life with Unlimited Transformations on Amazon Prime Video.

Learn more about Brian’s work on IMDB.

from the mind of Brian Vadim  (Vadimsky)
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