Sylvie is an expert at refusing to walk the line. She started her rebellion by being born during an ice storm, and hasn't let up since. Her hobbies include making short films, reading, and writing. Currently, her novel, The Good Queen's Daughter, is avialible. Sylvie was also a radio DJ, and has worked on tech for several theatre productions. She is very honored to be a part of this production of "Mary Howling: Queen of the Crazy Ones," for which she also is a contributor.




Liz Spicer

Author, The Good Queen's Daughter

Props Master/Assistant Stage Manager for Little Shop of Horrors

Assistant Dramaturg/Sound Board Operator for Arcadia

Assistant Dramaturg for The 39 Steps

Writing Center Tutor

D.J. Lady Vadim

from the mind of Brian Vadim  (Vadimsky)