Bad Reviews, How to deal with it

Ok, wow you put your book out, you're feeling great. The downloads and hardcovers are flying out the door, great reviews are coming back, you are climbing up the charts! OMG this is it! This is the big one, I'm going to be a success...then…. The bad review comes and I don't mean they didn't care for it review, no I'm talking the scathing appliance didn't work review. The “waste of time” “not worth it, the author should jump” review. Yes, its crushing, how can people be so hard. To take the time to make sure they tell “you”, because that is what it is, your book, its you, that who do you think you are review. So how to deal with it? You can either: 1. implode, drink your face off for a few days and call it quits. 2. Google search them,(the ones that actually have the balls to have their name next to their review) Google Earth search them, look at the satellite pic of their house or even better you can now actually zoom close to right outside their house, stare at the front of their house and wonder, was that review written inside that bedroom window? Hmm I like that one the best. Or 3. Realize that these people are pissed off and get off doing just this. They: a. have never accomplished anything in their miserable life b. are taking out the fact that their husband left them for someone younger and prettier c. they think they are smarter then everyone else who gave you a good review d. actually believe anyone gives a shit of what they think e. they are failed Trolls with nothing better to do Furthermore you need to find your audience e.g. Lets say a new comedian walks up on stage and faces a crowd, some will think “wow, what a genius” and others, well “what a pig”. The point is, there are no statues of critics. So when the bad one comes, refer to fig. a-d above. And get on with it. And remember, you are the one on stage, they will always just be in the audience.

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from the mind of Brian Vadim  (Vadimsky)