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Brian Vadim (Vadimsky) Member of Dramatists Guild of America Inc.

actor, director, filmmaker, musician


Film (2023)Role Director/Production

The Hid - Det Sawiski  - Brian Vadimsky/One Foot In Horror Films

Mr. Hank- Det. Phil Sawiski - Brian Vadimsky /One Foot In Horror Films

(2022) Role Director/Production

The Ghosts of Somerville (film series) - Host Brian Vadim/Feets of Strength


Sustainable Life With Unlimited Transformations - Jack/Jerome Adams Brian Vadim/Feets of Strength


Television ( 2018-2020)

SHOW ROLE Director/Production

Homicide City: Charlotte Det. Brandon BlackFinn

Evil Talks (Chilling Confessions) Mark Kelley Collin Sonner/Red Marble Media

Evil Lives Here (Black Widow) Stephen Joel Pincosy/Red Marble Media

Evil Lives Here (Starnes) Bill Tom Pogue/Phoebe Kwong/Red Marble Media

Grave Secrets (he comes to my dreams) 70's cop Justen Lee Stanely/Red Marble Media


Primal Instincts Det. Scott Lott Jamal Hodge/Black Finn

Ministry of Evil:The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo Lumberjack #5 Sandya Viswanathan/Kim Ferdinando/NBC Peacock Productions


Mary Howling Queen of the Crazy Ones author composer Vadimsky/Refuse to Walk The Line


Film (additional)

The Rescue of Plastic Girl author/composer/actor Vadimsky/Refuse to Walk The Line


Roosters author Amazon

Roosters (screenplay: 1st place Cannes Thriller/Suspense 2017 )

The Tinkermans author Amazon


Uncle Salty author/voice-over

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from the mind of Brian Vadim  (Vadimsky)
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